If you own a size able amount of jewellery and you don’t have a safe and secure storage for them, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably at night for fear that someone might break in and take away your priceless possessions. And if you live in a place close to the troublesome areas in your community, where crimes happen on a daily basis, then you should not think twice about purchasing a good-quality high-security safe for your home. In these areas, expensive jewellery is a magnet for burglars. And it doesn’t matter if it’s worn on the body or kept inside the home. People with bad intentions will strike anytime and anywhere. They will stalk you when they spot you wearing your gold and diamonds, and when you’re not wearing them, they’d start making plans to get into your house. It will be smart for you to start thinking about buying a safe, if you don’t have one yet. TL-15 safes have just the specifications for you to store jewellery in when you’re not wearing them. These safes are built to resist intense burglary attacks and designed so that your valuables could survive extreme heat in case of a fire. Even your insurance company would be willing to extend discounts to you when you tell them that you’re buying one of those TL-15 safes to store your insured valuables in. One important thing to consider when buying yourself a safe is the cost. Bear in mind that you are storing expensive jewellery in it, so don’t settle for a cheap yet ineffective safe. You won’t solve your sleeping problem by buying a cheap container for you gold and diamonds. Most TL-15 safes aren’t cheap, but do choose from the different models and sizes, and make the right decision. These safes are designed to be not only burglar-proof but also fire-proof. That means that if a fire happens in the house close to where your safe is installed, you won’t be looking at melted jewellery when you recover and open the safe. Experts who have done tests over the years on safes and vault models will tell you that the material used in the manufacture of TL-15 safes are not just steel like they used to be, but a blend of high-strength cement and super manganese alloys that will resist even the strongest of power tools that burglars may carry. Average TL-15 safes is potentially insurable by up to $120,000, while TL-30s can insure for a half million dollars. Assuming that you have decided to purchase a TL-15 safe for your expensive jewellery, there are some things that you still need to do to ensure they are kept safe, in and out of the safe. You worked hard for these valuables, and you want to make sure these are protected. One of the precautions that you will need to take is to keep an updated inventory of your jewelry. List them down and keep the list in a safe place. With an inventory, you can always find out what’s missing when you check your safe. If you want to keep receipts of jewellery you bought somewhere sometime ago, scan them and keep an electronic copy. You may also want to take a photo or video of your collection and keep that photo or video with your inventory somewhere else. Aside from keeping them in a safe and keeping an inventory in your electronic files, it is best to insure your jewellery. Normal homeowner’s insurance may not cover these items, so you have to insure them separately. Remember, that you are not only buying protection when you buy these safes. You are actually buying peace of mind, so don’t go cheap on these safes.